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  Monadnock RSVP volunteers are a part of a national movement of like-minded people who give back to their communities—and have been since 1971! Today, nearly 400,000 volunteers serve more than 60,000 public and private community agencies across the United States.

The RSVP program is part of the Senior Service Corps and is operated under the direction of the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency.

In 2009, congress passed the Edward M. Kennedy Service America Act (SAA) which detailed many changes to national service programs, including Senior Corps and RSVP. The law not only expanded service opportunities, but also focused national service on key outcomes; built the capacity of individuals, non-profits, and communities; and encouraged innovative approaches to problem solving.

If you can commit at least one hour a week, you can help a child who’s falling behind in reading. Parents, students, seniors, business people — anyone willing to give time to read to a child, and to listen to a child read can be a tutor. Our America Reads program in the Monadnock Area will match you with a child in your community to read with them at their school. You will receive training, materials and guidance to make your tutoring experience both rewarding and effective.  

Children in tutoring programs benefit twice: first, from individualized support tailored to their own strengths, interests and needs; second, from the undivided attention of an older role model who provides them with encouragement and motivation.

How Do I Become An America Reads Volunteer?
Make an appointment to speak with the coordinator of the program. You will be asked to fill out an application, including three references and submit to a criminal background check.

Attend The 4 Hour Training Session
Go on the school tour where you will meet the teacher you will be working with and agree on a schedule for your tutoring sessions.

Attend In-Service Trainings during the school year where topics of interest will be covered and you will be able to discuss your work with other tutors
Here in the Monadnock Region many elderly people with long-term health needs struggle daily to maintain their independence. They are our neighbors: our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends. But all too often, their simple needs are not met, and the ability to stay in their own homes is jeopardized. While some have networks of people from which they can receive help, others do not and cannot afford to pay for services, or services may not exist in an area in which they live.

Since 1994 Neighbors-In-Deed has been providing individualized, one-to-one volunteer companionship and assistance with non-medical activities of daily living to seniors age 65 and over and adults with disabilities living at home in Cheshire and Western Hillsborough Counties.
  Mary Carroll a Neighbor In-Deed
Services offered by Neighbors-In-Deed

• Friendly visits
• Assistance with grocery shopping
• Minor household repairs
• Weatherization projects
• Transportation to: Medical appointments and/or Grocery shopping
• Respite for Caregivers
• Telephone safety checks
• Referrals to resources

Neighbors-In-Deed is built on a relationship model, and is not a traditional door-to-door transportation program. It offers a unique alternative whereby volunteers and care recipients develop a trusting relationship that doesn’t feel like a service. It offers seniors a dignified option since they contribute by sharing themselves - their interests, feelings, and life experiences - and volunteers gain new knowledge and perspective from the care recipient. Frequently, matches develop into long-term friendships which contribute to a high quality experience for both those who give and receive help.

Your few hours can make all the difference in someone's life:
RSVP always needs volunteers in the Neighbors-In-Deed program. We welcome adults, congregational members and other groups who may support a senior or caregiver individually or as part of a care team. Contact RSVP to schedule an interview and complete screening requirements.

Depending upon the request, you could spend as little as 15 minutes making a phone call to check in with a homebound senior or as much as several hours getting them to and from a doctor appointment. Matches are made taking your availability into consideration and regular and episodic opportunities may be available.

No formal training is required. The essential characteristic for a volunteer is a desire to be involved in a mutually satisfying relationship of friendship and assistance with an elderly person, and be able to work independently and comfortably in a one-to-one relationship. RSVP will provide you with a comprehensive volunteer handbook, orientation, educational opportunities on aging issues and on-going support to help you have a successful match.

Two veterans in conversation   Qualifications and Rewards
•  Be sensitive to the special needs of seniors and relate well to a variety of people 
•  Be dependable, prompt and willing to maintain confidentiality  
•  Opportunity for life enrichment through involvement with an older person. 
•  Satisfaction from helping a senior remain living independently in their home  

How to receive help:
Services are provided to adults 65 and over and adults with disabilities who are living at home in the Monadnock Region. There is no age qualification for veterans and immediate military family members, including widows/widowers. Referrals are accepted from individuals as well as family members, health providers and social service agencies that have your permission to request a volunteer and provide us with personal information. Matches are made carefully based on shared interests, availability of a volunteer and your needs. Contact the Neighbors-In-Deed Coordinator: (603)357-6893

Are there fees for services?
Services are free of charge. For handyman repairs, recipients are responsible for the cost of materials. Monadnock RSVP greatly appreciates contributions which helps us to continue to bring volunteer assistance to those who need it.
The Serve America Act requires RSVP to narrow their volunteer focus to the following six areas of service in 2014 and beyond:

Economic Opportunity: Provide support and/or facilitate access to services and resources that contribute to the improved economic well-being and security of our community.  

Healthy Futures: Meet the health needs in our community including access to care, aging in place and addressing childhood obesity and hunger. Our Neighbors in Deed Program assist with companionship, transportation, and small chore projects that enable our senior and disabled population to maintain their independence and live safely in their homes. We also provide assistance to food pantries, community kitchens and meal sites.

Education: Support or facilitate access to services and resources that contribute to improved educational outcomes for children. The program that will be our main Focus area is America Reads.

Environmental Stewardship: Direct services that contribute to increased energy and water efficiency, renewable energy use, or improving at-risk ecosystems, and support increased citizen behavioral change leading to increased efficiency, renewable energy use, and ecosystem improvements.

Disaster Services: Help individuals and communities prepare, respond, recover, and mitigate disasters and increase community resiliency.

  Veterans and Military Families:
Veterans and military family members share a common bond and culture that is unique. RSVP is currently seeking volunteers, age 55 and over, who have served in the U.S. Armed Services to help fellow veterans who are experiencing a variety of challenges with maintaining their quality of life and independence in their homes by providing companionship and assistance with non-medical tasks of daily living through RSVP’s Neighbors in Deed program.  

Volunteers are also needed to provide transportation to local and long-distance medical appointments in White River Junction, Manchester and Boston through local transportation programs.

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