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   Join TD Bank's Affinity Program and help support Monadnock RSVP  
Participating in the TD Bank Affinity Program is an easy and simple way to support Monadnock RSVP Volunteer Center. By participating, your bank account(s) will be allocated Monadnock RSVP's Affinity code AG065 , linking your account to Monadnock RSVP. Based on the Affinity Codes assigned to accounts, TD Bank will make a financial contribution to Monadnock RSVP every year based on the average balance in all members' accounts. No contribution is made from your bank accounts, you are simply showing your "affinity" to Monadnock RSVP.
There are two ways to get involved and participate in the program.  
When you open a new non-interest
bearing checking account.


Online redemption available at
Coupon code: 20005

Call TD Bank at (603)-354-2040 or visit any branch and ask to have your account(s) linked to Monadnock RSVP through the Affinity Membership Program.

If you are not a TD Bank customer, but would like to support RSVP, you can receive a reward for opening a new TD Bank checking account. You wil receive $25 when you open a new, non-interest bearing checking account with TD Bank.
Eligible accounts include:
• Checking
• Money Market
• Savings
• Certificate of Deposit
  Be sure to mention Monadnock RSVP as the organization you are supporting. Monadnock RSVP's affinity code is AG065 . See our flyer for additional details and information. <Click Here>
Contributions are calculated at 1/2% on checking balance and 1/4% on savings, money market, CD and IRA balances. Members' accounts are not affected in any way by this contribution. Your account balances are used to determine the level of contribution and are kept confidential at all times.   TD Bank Logo

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